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Frequently Asked Pediatric Dental Questions

Parents ask us a ton of questions every day about their children’s dental health, and our team is always more than happy to answer them! In addition to providing hands-on clinical services, we also strive to arm parents with the knowledge they need to take great care of their favorite smiles year after year. Below, we’ve answered some of our most common questions, but if there is anything else you’d like to know, be sure to give us a call!

When should my child visit the dentist for the first time?

We recommend that a child should attend their first dental visit as soon as their first tooth comes in or no later than their first birthday—whichever one comes first! This initial appointment will serve as a gentle introduction to dental care and will also give our team the chance to make sure your little one’s smile is getting off to a great start.

What will my child’s first dental visit be like?

We’ll structure your child’s initial visit based on their age and personality. Generally, it will begin with us giving them a brief tour of the dental office so they can meet the team, and then they’ll receive an oral exam from their dentist. If your child is young, you’ll be able to stay with them the entire time. At the end of their appointment, we’ll tell you what we observed about their oral health, recommend any necessary treatments, and give you a chance to ask questions.

When should my child see an orthodontist for the first time?

Your child should receive an orthodontic evaluation around the time they are seven years old. At this point in their development, our orthodontist, Dr. Alkhoury, will be able to tell if your child will need any kind of orthodontic treatment in the future. She can also prescribe pre-treatments that can partially correct any alignment issues with their remaining baby teeth and also guide their incoming adult teeth into the correct positions. This can help shorten any treatment they may need down the road.

a How long will my child be in braces?

This really depends on their specific situation, as the severity of the alignment issues in their teeth and jaws will be the biggest determining factor for the length of their treatment. On average, most children spend about 12-36 months in braces.

My child is very nervous about visiting the dentist. Can you help?

Yes! We offer an array of sedation services that can help calm little minds so it’s easy for our more anxious patients to feel comfortable while in the chair. Whether your child is just a little nervous about dental care or completely terrified, our warm and friendly team will be able to figure out how to take all the stress out of their appointments so both you and they can relax at the dentist.

Can you help children with special needs?

Yes, our team has a lot of experience working with children who have mental, physical, behavioral, and sensory special needs. Just give us a call and tell us about your little one, and we’ll be happy to make any special accommodations necessary to ensure a smooth and easy visit.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Yes! Simply Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is in-network with virtually all PPO dental insurance plans, and we accept Medicaid as well. Our Insurance/Financing Coordinator, Jade, will be happy to work with you and help you figure out the best way to use your benefits to save on your child’s care. To learn more, contact us today.